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We provide trainings and presentations for attorneys and paralegals to grasp a deep understanding of how electronically stored information (“ESI”) works, the applicable rules relating to ESI, and how ESI can be used to develop case strategies and themes.

Topics include:

  • Rules of civil procedure and case law related to e-discovery

  • Objections and sanctions related to ESI

  • Identifying key custodians and sources of ESI

  • Production of ESI, including party bearing costs

  • Crafting search terms

  • Processing and reviewing data: maximizing the use of analytics tools including technology assisted review / predictive coding, e-mail threading, clustering, etc.



We develop solutions to e-discovery challenges that not only save you and your clients time and money but provide effective ways of using technology to achieve your clients' goals. We assess your cases, provide recommendations of the e-discovery tools that are a best fit for each of your cases and how to use those tools, and develop the best ESI discovery protocol for your cases.

Our consulting services include:

  • Identifying possible data sources

  • Maintaining records for collection of data

  • Assessing your data to ensure the most efficient technology is being utilized in the review process

  • Establishing ESI protocols to facilitate productions and efficient review of documents - this includes developing coding panel and issue tags that are case specific

  • Providing continuous document review trainings to attorneys



We work with e-discovery vendors and attorneys to bridge the gap and equip you to make the most informed decisions that give you an unmatched competitive edge in your practice.

This includes:

  • Providing a framework for selecting the solutions matching your cases and data sizes

  • Vetting software solution providers

  • Using our relationships with vendors to give you access to information that facilitate the decision-making process, including free demos

  • Negotiating with e-discovery providers to ensure the most competitive and discounted rates

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